Monday, November 14, 2011

Randies: Random Health Facts

With nutrition and training, there are always a lot of myths. I've been hit with a lot of them so I wanted to talk about the major ones.

  1. Fruits and Sugar. I'm always surprised when people don't realize that citrus fruit like grapefruit or oranges have a lot of potential amounts of sugar, even though sometimes, they doesn't taste sweet. One portion of either fruit in juice form is 250 ml, or 8.5 fluid ounces . That's equivalent to a short Starbuck's drink or about 1 cup of liquid. So for those who are loading on tons of vitamin C by drinking a jug of juice, think again. You're putting in a lot more sugar than you need.
  2. Barefoot running is better for you. With reference to my last post, there are people who have tried a pair of the barefoot running shoes are completely in love with the concept and have started running. Go to a doctor before making such a move because if you are overweight and running, it will be a lot worse for your knees and feet. You can get yourself a stress fracture real fast.
  3. Wearing clothes to make you sweat when you exercise. I've seen this one a lot here in Cancun . People who put on windbreakers zipped all the way up and sweat pants, walking around in 80-degree heat. Losing weight is about eating right and exercising. This technique is only looking at losing weight in water, and not so much on losing fat, and will lead most likely to frustration.
  4.  Eating at night makes you gain weight. As always, it's what you eat and how much that is important.   Greasy tacos at 11:00 p.m. are different from a piece of toast and a glass of low fat milk. Not as good, I agree, but the effects are undeniable.

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