Monday, November 28, 2011

Listen to Me: Earphones

Standard Apple iPod Earphones
If you're anything like me, you like a bit of music after a workout.

I used to put on my iPod and go home after the pool. Which is fine but since my pool is uber chlorinated, I found this was a bad thing for my earphones.

The grey ring that is right near the netted area is a soft rubber that, with chlorine, starts to peel off.

Since I don't really rinse out my ears, the chlorine still in them burned through the rubber.


So I've stopped listening to music but got a new pair of earphones which turned out to be an excellent investment.

Bose IE2 Earphones
The Bose IE2 Earphones are a pretty versatile option. With the Bose name backing up its quality, it's pretty easy to see why these cost a bit more than their Apple counterparts.

These come with another pair of removable earbuds, just in case these don't fit. They also have that hook on the top, which is really soft and fits snug inside your ear. Great for when you're working out or on a run. They don't slip out with a simple turn of the head when you see a cute guy run past and sweat won't dislodge them.

There is also a soft zip up case that I was a little iffy about. Soft cases in a purse like mine don't really last too long. This, however, has taken the ton of books that I have and it still looks new.

Kate Spade Knightsbridge Gia Flat Pouch
I don't know why but since Kate Spade is doing all those nice iPhone covers, I thought of this little number as a replacement case.

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