Tri Fashion Facts and Tips
1. Hair always grows frizzy in humid weather. During a triathlon, with humidity, sun and salt water, your hair can even make Beethoven jealous. My tip? USE WATER. Water smooths things down and since you're already dirty, you have nothing to worry about from getting completely doused with a bottle.
2. Use sunblock. Nothing worse than tan lines in the middle of your arms and thighs (I would know...). It cuts off the physical line (if you're wearing sleeveless shirts or shorts) so it makes you look truncated.
3. Get a good pony tail going, especially in T2, after the bike. You don't want to cross the finish line with a Neil Diamond bob...
4. You are a triathlete (or going to become an active person). YOU CANNOT EAT ANYTHING YOU LIKE BECAUSE YOU'LL BURN IT OFF IN TRAINING! Absolutely not true. I should know. Thinking like that got me 35 lbs overweight. And running like that causes wear and tear on your knees.
I should also know. I did two 70.3 Ironmans like that.
5. Always be true to your fashion sense. You'll thank me five years down the line, when you look at old photos and won't need to cringe.