About Me

You sweat. You run. You hydrate. Triathlons are about getting down and straight out dirty. I'm not an excellent triathlete but I'm slowly getting better at a sport that commands much respect and deserves all my attention. 

We triathletes are also vein. We want to look good. And tri-fit bodies are a good indication of that. A very good indication. My first 70.3 Ironman was done here in Cancun and watching all these lean athletes run by, I knew that most triathletes were proud of their physique. 

So I've come to the conclusion that I like how I look when I train. How I feel. How my mind reacts. And realize that the fashionista in me won't let me go on without something aestheticallly pleasing. 

So here are my ideas, my suggestions, my musings. 

Read me. Opine. Get it off your noodle.