Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Art of a Beautiful Arm

I'm all for practical accessorizing in a triathlon. As long as it doesn't interfere with any of the three disciplines, I'm game to try it.

Primal Wear Japanese Tattoo
Arm Warmers
It's really sunny when I go out to train and I tan really easily.

I don't lose the tan lines as easily though.

So I've looked into getting arm coolers. I hate looking like I still have my shorts and jersey on, even when I get undressed or go to the pool.

It never gets cold enough to get arm warmers here in the Riviera Maya so I've looked at several options. Castelli came out with water repelling arm warmers called the Nanoflex Arm Warmers, great for those rainy day rides (lots of those here).

Primal Wear Tattoo Arm Warmers
Primal Wear has arm warmers I love. They look like your arms are completely tattooed, and for someone who doesn't feel the need to get a tramp stamp, this is a pretty fun option.

De Soto Arm Coolers
De Soto is one of several major companies that does arm coolers. The market seems to be filled more with arm warmers as opposed to arm coolers. This may be because the majority of serious bikers on the planet live in colder climates or train in the mornings. Or perhaps because people don't want to take the time to slip them on in T1 or T2. I like to sleep so on the weekends so I do my long rides in the late morning, making my skin very available to cancer-making rays.  

Zoot Icefil Arm Coolers
Zoot makes something called the Icefil Arm Cooler. They are pretty nice looking and the price is comparable to other similarly-featured tech wear.

So save yourself the farmer tan and protect your skin. Yes, sunblock is a good idea but I always seem to burn anyway. 

Safe riding and look good while you're at it!

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