Thursday, November 24, 2011

Identify Yourself: The Road ID

Wrist ID Elite
I've been living in a foreign country for about 15 years now and when I started training for triathlons, this implied long rides and runs in places where people are scarce. I'm also the type of person who trains alone and it hit me one day that if something were to happen to me, there would be no way that I could tell the people I love where I am. No one I know out of all my friends, knows all my friends. Not even my parents.

So I wrote up a will and got myself a Road ID.

People ask me about it all the time. 'What is that?' they would say.

It comes in several different versions: the dog tag,

Shoe ID
the shoe tag,

Ankle ID
the anklet,

Wrist ID Sport
the bracelet.

I've got a bracelet and I never take it off.

They come in different colors and styles and if you happen to have an allergy or a medical condition, this is a good thing to have around. And if you're training a lot by yourself, get yourself one. They ship worldwide and are always a good thing to have.

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