Monday, September 26, 2011

Jeremy Scott and Adidas Bullfighting Wear

Adidas by Jeremy Scott
Torero Jacket in Red
I happen to be rather knowledgeable on bullfighting so when I saw this little number, I knew I had to talk about this one.

Let's get something straight:
1. No self-respecting bullfight aficionado is EVER going to wear this, much less buy it, lest he wishes to be the laughing stock of the plaza.
2. It would have to take a very special type of person to wear this.

That said, the latter pretty much describes most of Paris couture.

Adidas by Jeremy Scott: Torero Jacket in Red
(Detail: "Alamares")
The embroidery and the hand work is amazing and does its best to resemble an actual bullfighting suit. This, technically, is not a "traje de luces" (the common name for the bullfighting suits) because the term refers to those suits adorned with either gold or silver embroidery, hence the word "luces" which means "lights" in Spanish.

Usually, black embroidery is a sign of a bullfighter who is an auxiliary to the matador.

I've never been a huge fan of this color combination in the suits because it has always seemed a little too aggressive to me. But given what is generally known about bullfighting, outside the plaza, red being the color most associated with the spectacle, I understand.

Plus that Adidas logo on the back is a very nice touch.

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