Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Biking Sexy?

I've always been a fan of Castelli clothing.

Color pairing and the cut of the clothing always makes me very happy that someone has thought about looking good in cycling wear. Plus that scorpion logo is pretty badass.

Bib Short
What I've never understood are the bike "bib" shorts.

When a guy (and yes, this only applies to guys) wears a pair under a jersey, you never can tell that its not a regular short. The only real convenience is that it has no elastic waistband and doesn't restrict breathing. It is also an advantage to bigger athletes who have a bit of a belly and would prefer not to have an elastic waistband.

I love George Michael but these shorts remind me of the Wham! days when no one "noticed" that Michael seemed slightly gay.


They make these for women as well but with a different cut so that it doesn't look like something typical to wear at the local strip club.
Castelli Velocissimo Bib Short
on a model

Depending on how the short was built, the number of panels can free up the movement.

And then again, you might just want to see one of these guys, dressed like this at the strip club.

Sexy or no? You be the judge.

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