Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Feet That Fly

Running was the first of the three disciplines I started training when I decided to do a triathlon.

It is also the one that weighed most upon me. Literally. Getting off the bike and running was like asking me go and happily peel off every finger and toe nail with a pair of pliers.

Not going to happen.

But shoes are an amazing thing. And here are a selection of the more specialized running shoes, with a particular emphasis on triathlons:

Zoot Women's Ultra Tempo 4.0
I've been a Zoot wearer for a long time and these are the choice for the stability runner (like me):

Love the pop of color against the silver and black. This also comes in pink.

Ecco has been known for making a very comfortable shoe and it's one I always associate with my dad, who is crazy about this brand. It has never struck me as a contemporary look but their Biom line is something I rather liked. The color is definitely sporty and it's a very attractive shoe.
Ecco Biom

Now, there is one shoe that I've always been curious to try but have always been a little iffy, seeing as that I have a very wide foot.

That shoe is the Vibram Five Fingers. It's truly a sock-shoe, taking the Japanese tabi socks to new heights by actually having each and every individual toe in a separate aperture. It's an odd "shoe" and I kind of feel like telling the person who's wearing them to put on some socks. Apparently, it's great for an injury-free run.
Vibram Five Fingers 2011

This shoe is not for everyone but you do have the occasional person running an Ironman in these.

You've also got your staple triathlon shoe in Newton. Lots of pros have been known to promote this brand and with due reason. Their racers are traditionally as light as socks. And there is no missing out because they are always noticeable in their red lettering against a bright yellow background.

Craig Alexander wearing
Newton's Stability Shoes
in yellow

So there it is. Shoes seem to be looking good this year.

I think I'll be asking Santa for some early Christmas presents.

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