Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Triathlons: Meeting Heroes and Tweeting Them

I started thinking about doing a triathlon when I hit 30. A good friend of mine had done one in honor of her mother who passed from breast cancer. It wouldn't be until years later that I would actually do one. I would buy magazines and read about the newest gadgets.
It was in December 2008 when I did my first sprint.
Nine months later, I would do my first 70.3 Ironman.
Michellie Jones was there and I was such a giddy schoolgirl that I couldn't even say "hi" when she walked past me. I would see her at the Cancun 70.3 until the 70.3 World Championships were moved to take place two weeks before. No one, pro or otherwise, would be foolish enough to risk injury by doing the two events back to back. And the World Championships being what they are, EVERYONE prefers that over Cancun.
So that was the end of my ever properly meeting Michellie.
Or was it?
A while back, I took a blogging class and Twitter was a big part of pimping your blog. Follow the people you like and conduct conversations with these people.
So I open Twitter the other day and saw that Michellie had a bit of a rough patch with a fellow swimmer at the pool. So I tweeted a response.
GoMichellie tweets GlamTriathlete

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