Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Hand to a Glove

I'm a hat girl. I love vintage hats and have a sizable collection, mostly from the 40s. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors.

I do not, however, own a pair of gloves to go with those fabulous hats.

I do own a pair for my biking needs.

Because I started out as a mountain biker, I grew on the tendency to wear full-finger gloves and of course, I looked for a pair that was aesthetically pleasing.

Hence the SixSixOne Comp Gloves, shown in a previous post. The problem with these gloves is that after about three months, the logo on the finger tips and on the back of the hand started falling off.

I still wear them but they now have holes in the finger tips.

Time for a new pair so I went looking again. I'm rather taken to SixSixOne when Thor caught my eye.

Thor is a motocross company and not a mountain biking one but the gloves continue in being pretty sweet.

Case in point: the Thor Core Gloves. Here is a pic:

The color combinations are very much in keeping with the types of outfits the motocross bikers wear. According to other reviews (for I have yet to get my pair), these are thinner than what is normally used.

Which would be ideal for roadies.

And a pair which would probably be too thick (but then again, do I care?) but has an incredible stylistic line to them are the 2009 Thor Static Gloves for Women.

The choices are many. I've never been truly conventional and thus never looking within the boundaries of one world to dress my own. These are my choices but I'm sure you'll agree, they ain't half bad.

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