Friday, February 26, 2010

The Brand Cat

I am a discerning brand cat.

'Brand cat?' you may ask. 'What on God's green earth is that?'

I was hanging out with Amy one day, in her apartment in downtown Mexico City. She had two cats at the time, Sarai and Tita. Sarai was probably the most intelligent cat I've ever come across in my life. With her front paw, she would swipe a paw-full of dry cat food and throw it into the water dish, eat her fill and leave the water dish an unappetizing murky brown. She only ate certain foods and was enamored with wet cat food but only a certain kind. If it wasn't Whiskas, she wouldn't eat it. Hence "Brand Cat" was born.

I'm a brand cat as well, but I have to admit, I'm picky. I like certain brands but more than anything, they have to adhere to my aesthetic and my sense of the product's image. For instance, I would not buy Prada running shoes, as much as I like their sunglasses and purses, for the same reason I would not buy a Nike cocktail dress (if they did make them), for as street sassy as their tops may be.

Go with what you do best.

I do agree with a tasteful combination.

Here's an example:

You've just finished a sprint and you pick up your bag of personal items (where you usually put your lubricant to protect from the salt burn against your skin while you swim, your protein bars, your hydration, etc...). Cancun (where I presently live) is usually not cold enough to pack a long-sleeved jacket. Get a baggy sleeveless t-shirt or a tank top to throw on. Sleeveless because your arms and legs will still have your bib numbers on them and you don't want to dirty your clothes too much. Get a nice sarong or a wrap to complement your shirt and tie it on like a mini skirt. Or use a thick canvas belt instead. Put on your cap or a nice bandana together with your shades and you’re good to go to the awards ceremony.

Whatever you decide on, the key points are:
  1. Something made out of cotton or some easily washable material.
  2. Baggy. Putting on something form-fitting after an athletic event where your body is swollen is probably not the most appropriate.
  3. Sunglasses.
Years ago, I remember going back home to San Francisco after years of not going and was surprised to see young high schooler Asian girls, plain-looking and unkempt. Baggy clothing and thick, bulky jackets. I was saddened, to tell the truth. I knew that deep down, those girls had something attractive but they blocked it all off. I should know; I was one of them. 

This is not about buying just a brand. You can buy anything you like. I just believe that every woman has something within her that is worth seeing but only if she herself wants to see it too. 

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