Sunday, October 2, 2011

Casual Biking

I have an American-made Cannondale CAAD 4, my noble little race bike.

Most triathletes will not use their race bikes in any other condition unless they are:

a. training or

b. racing

That said, most have two bikes. The other would be to ride about town on.

A while back, I remembered seeing something that amazed me. Women in Denmark, I believe, who went about their day-to-day on bikes, wearing skirts and high heels.

The top tube comes all the way down so that you can discreetly lift your leg up and over without pulling a Britney Spears.

So I got curious and wanted to see what was out there.

Madsen Bucket Bicycle in yellow
This is the Madsen Bucket Bike. It's made out of steel and it comes in black, blue and yellow. The most noticeable feature of this bike is the 40 gallon bucket in the back. Throw in your groceries, books or small children (I'm not kidding) in there.

The back bucket actually has seat belts in it so that your kids are strapped in safely for the ride. I'm not usually a fan of kids in a kid seat on a bike for the same reason that I don't trust lots of drivers out there.

Interior of Madsen Bicycle Bucket
This, however, looks like a safer option. The lower center of gravity as well as the kickstand make it a more sturdy choice.

Another option is the Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike. This has various modalities you can add to it like two panniers for about 6 large grocery bags. You can also put a regular rack, a kid's bike seat and can seat up to two kids on the back.

Like I said, not a fan of the kid's seats but there you go.
Yuba Mundo Cargo Bicycle

If you are looking for something that is more like a "normal" bike, Breezer makes a whole series of options for both men and women.

Their Transportation bike line offers ergonomic frames that have the Town Bike style (with mud flaps and racks) and the Range Bike style, which is more "normal" bike like.

2012 Breezer Uptown Infinity - LS

Whatever your bike of choice, ride safe.

Meanwhile, I'll be dreaming of riding up and down the Champs Elysees wearing some things I put together, perhaps in part, picked up from a vintage shop and from a couture house.

Always, of course, with a hat on nicely coiffed hair.

Fashionable Hatted Women with a Bike

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